AAUP Standards

Many of the policies in the Faculty Manual are modeled after AAUP recommendations, often without attribution. In those cases, the language of the manual is going to be the official standard followed on campus.

The following standards have been endorsed by the college as a whole. In each case the spot in the Faculty Manual which notes the endorsement is given.


1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure, with 1970 Interpretive comments (D16.1)  (While listed as endorsed in this section, there is in another section of the manual a caveat of the endorsement.  See below.)

Access to Faculty Personnel Files (D16.1)

Freedom and Responsibility (B2.3)

Late Resignations and Professional Ethics (B2.3)

Procedural Standards in Faculty Dismissal Proceedings (D16.1)

Procedural Standards in the Renewal or Non-Renewal of Faculty Appointments (D16.1)

Professional Ethics (B2.3)

Rights and Freedoms of Students (B2.3)

Standards of Notice of Non-reappointment (D16.1)


Some statements have been endorsed as modified. A link for each is provided which notes the modifications from AAUP language.

Recruitment and Resignation of the Faculty – endorsed with changes (B2.3)

Role of the Faculty in Budgetary Matters – endorsed as modified (B2.3, Appendix)

Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities – endorsed as modified (B2.3, Appendix)


The modified version of the Role of the Faculty in Budgetary Matters, in note 3 refers to Recommended Institutional Regulations on Academic Freedom and Tenure, regulation 4. This regulation refers to the process for termination of faculty without cause, including for financial exigency.  This regulation is not elsewhere listed as endorsed by the College, but perhaps as guiding as to the college’s processes in such actions given the Board
endorsement of this customized document.


Section D16.1.2 provides some limitations to the College endorsement of the 1940 Statement. There is a statement that notification procedures and other procedures given in the manual may not correspond to the 1940 Statement. Further “Tenure by estoppel (de facto tenure) embodied in the 1940 Statement is not possible. Only the Board of Trustees can award tenure.”






The Academic Senate separately has endorsed:

1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure, with interpretive statements (B3.1.V)



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